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Alice Cooper Third Generation
(Frendz, 1971-06-00)

But like all myths, it ain't really that way at all. No chillun, Alice doesn't really kill chickens - or molest them even. Y'see the band did a concer... (more...)


Alice Cooper: The "Queen" of Rock 'n' Roll
(Sir!, 1973-05-00)

Eight months ago, a young Pennsylvania rock evangelist named Rod Gilkeson launched his one-man crusade against "perversion and violence in the recordi... (more...)


Alice Cooper Jokers Wild
(Hit Parader, 1983-03-00)

It's a quiet night in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Alice Cooper has returned to the land of his youth for a brief escape from California's craziness. Here... (more...)


Alice Cooper on Censorship and Politics
(Metal Hammer, 1991-06-00)

When my sensational and gory shows first appeared in the seventies, they featured me hanging, being decapitated, and hacking up baby dolls! But I neve... (more...)


Magic Alice On The Road
(Circus, 1973-04-00)

While Billion Dollar Babies (Warner Bros.) was racing up the charts, New York's Alice Cooper office was in a flurry of active preparations for his new... (more...)


Alice Cooper's Test
(Manchete, 1974-04-13)

"I just want the audience to have fun with my show. I dislike violence and do not want anyone to get hurt." When he made this statement to the press... (more...)

Shock Rocker Flirts with Lady Guillotine
(Calgary Herald, 1987-03-27)

Most rock performers have a sound check before a concert. Alice Cooper has a guillotine check. "I always go and check my guillotine closely since the ... (more...)


Let's Get Trashed
(Raw, 1989-00-00)

The Alice Cooper phenomenon is about to hit Britain once again. Only this time it's different. This time Alice Cooper is riding atop a hit album ('Tra... (more...)


Department of Youth
(Telegraph, 2011-09-00)

You won't see Alice Cooper at the supermarket. Instead, the man his mother knew as Vincent Furnier goes out to buy the milk or play a round of golf.... (more...)


Today's bands are more soft clay than hard rock
(Telegraph, 2011-09-00)

ALICE Cooper has a message for today's rock bands - man up. The rocker who has titled his Australian visit the No More Mr Nice Guy tour said yesterday... (more...)


News Report
(Express & Echo, 1997-07-30)

Veteran rocker Alice Cooper has had to cut back on his golf while rehearsing for his Firstful Of Alice concert tour which begins in America this week.... (more...)


Alice Cooper: The New (Wild) West
(Goldmine, 2006-05-12)

Alice Cooper - aka Vincent Damon Furnier and the son of a preacher man - has spent 35 years as a constant, relentless force of shock rock-ness. Ironic... (more...)

(New Musical Express, 1982-00-00)

I interview Alice Cooper, the American singer, in his modest French hotel room. Resembling a Harryhausen hybrid of a prune, a crow and a well-Beckette... (more...)


News Report
(Cash Box, 1978-12-23)

The recent release of Alice Cooper's album "From The Inside" on Warner Bros. Records marked a major departure from the rock star's past - not so much ... (more...)


Go Ask Alice
(Phoenix New Times, 1999-04-29)

Look through the north window of Alice Cooper'stown and the message is clear. You're greeted by a life-size cardboard cutout of the king of shock rock... (more...)


Alice Cooper: Photographed by Annie Leibovitz
(Rolling Stone, 2004-09-30)

"That was our snake, not Annie's," says Alice Cooper. "Her name was Kachina. I was actually afraid of snakes, but I figured that Alice should have one... (more...)


Alice Cooper Is Cruel, Man!
(Entertainment World, 1970-02-20)

Alice Cooper, vaguely smirking as he stands in the focus of a million berserk strobe lights, is wearing blood-red satin trousers, antique yellow shoes... (more...)


Alice Cooper Plays In Another League
(Expressen, 2001-04-27)

Three veteran bands on a "Monsters Of The Millenium"-tour around Sweden and the first is located at Frolundaborg, the big concert arena of the 80's. T... (more...)


Alice Cooper
(Kid Zone, 1989-00-00)

In 1967, while peace, love and flower-power were ruling, an American high school band called Alice Cooper made horror a fashion. The band's image was ... (more...)


Still Creepin' While You're Sleepin'
(Rue Morgue, 2011-09-00)

The last time we saw Alice Cooper, he was hacking the limbs off dead bodies and using them to build a giant arachnid. Or at least that's what his late... (more...)