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Prince of Weird
(Escapade, 1973-08-00)

Alice Cooper is the prince of the weird, everyone knows. And when you are invited to this man's court, it's necessary to be a little . . . odd. Alice ... (more...)


Alice Cooper of Freaky Rock Fame Is Just an All-America Boy-Girl
(Milwaukee Journal, 1971-06-15)

"It's actually not dirty, you know," said Alice Cooper. "it's just that the image is hard for a lot of people to take." Alice was leaning back on a co... (more...)

Alice Cooper at Forum: a big boa
(Montreal Gazette, 1972-09-05)

Our story picks up sometime early Monday morning: The truck carrying all of the sound equipment for last night's Alice Cooper-Dr. John Rock Show at th... (more...)

Alice Cooper exploits depravity
(Globe & Mail, 1972-09-04)

It was a rough night for a few members of the press, but a great night for nearly 24,000 howling fans as Alice Cooper, rock's gift to sado-masochism, ... (more...)

Alice, the all-American boy, feeds them perversion, violence
(Globe & Mail, 1972-09-02)

Some of the 20,000 people expected to show up at Varsity Stadium tonight will be vying for front row positions so that a 24-year-old rock singer named... (more...)

Rock Joy Fully Revived
(Globe & Mail, 1969-09-15)

The Toronto Rock 'n' Roll Revival, Saturday at Varsity Stadium was the most exciting, most smoothly produced, most beautiful event to have hit Toronto... (more...)


Alice Cooper Third Generation
(Frendz, 1971-06-00)

But like all myths, it ain't really that way at all. No chillun, Alice doesn't really kill chickens - or molest them even. Y'see the band did a concer... (more...)


Alice Cooper: The "Queen" of Rock 'n' Roll
(Sir!, 1973-05-00)

Eight months ago, a young Pennsylvania rock evangelist named Rod Gilkeson launched his one-man crusade against "perversion and violence in the recordi... (more...)


Alice Cooper Jokers Wild
(Hit Parader, 1983-03-00)

It's a quiet night in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Alice Cooper has returned to the land of his youth for a brief escape from California's craziness. Here... (more...)


Alice Cooper on Censorship and Politics
(Metal Hammer, 1991-06-00)

When my sensational and gory shows first appeared in the seventies, they featured me hanging, being decapitated, and hacking up baby dolls! But I neve... (more...)


Magic Alice On The Road
(Circus, 1973-04-00)

While Billion Dollar Babies (Warner Bros.) was racing up the charts, New York's Alice Cooper office was in a flurry of active preparations for his new... (more...)


Alice Cooper's Test
(Manchete, 1974-04-13)

"I just want the audience to have fun with my show. I dislike violence and do not want anyone to get hurt." When he made this statement to the press... (more...)

Shock Rocker Flirts with Lady Guillotine
(Calgary Herald, 1987-03-27)

Most rock performers have a sound check before a concert. Alice Cooper has a guillotine check. "I always go and check my guillotine closely since the ... (more...)


Let's Get Trashed
(Raw, 1989-00-00)

The Alice Cooper phenomenon is about to hit Britain once again. Only this time it's different. This time Alice Cooper is riding atop a hit album ('Tra... (more...)


Department of Youth
(Telegraph, 2011-09-00)

You won't see Alice Cooper at the supermarket. Instead, the man his mother knew as Vincent Furnier goes out to buy the milk or play a round of golf.... (more...)


Today's bands are more soft clay than hard rock
(Telegraph, 2011-09-00)

ALICE Cooper has a message for today's rock bands - man up. The rocker who has titled his Australian visit the No More Mr Nice Guy tour said yesterday... (more...)


News Report
(Express & Echo, 1997-07-30)

Veteran rocker Alice Cooper has had to cut back on his golf while rehearsing for his Firstful Of Alice concert tour which begins in America this week.... (more...)


Alice Cooper: The New (Wild) West
(Goldmine, 2006-05-12)

Alice Cooper - aka Vincent Damon Furnier and the son of a preacher man - has spent 35 years as a constant, relentless force of shock rock-ness. Ironic... (more...)

(New Musical Express, 1982-00-00)

I interview Alice Cooper, the American singer, in his modest French hotel room. Resembling a Harryhausen hybrid of a prune, a crow and a well-Beckette... (more...)


News Report
(Cash Box, 1978-12-23)

The recent release of Alice Cooper's album "From The Inside" on Warner Bros. Records marked a major departure from the rock star's past - not so much ... (more...)