Praxis - October 6th, 1971

(October 06, 1971)

Originally Published: October 06, 1971

Splendor in the Feathers

Author: Mike Wear

Alice Cooper was recently seen in the vicinity of the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium accompanied by some wiley and seemingly hypnotized persons wearing sparkling silver jump suits armed with deadly weapons of musical nature. The specific location was guessed to be on stage, but at times, witnesses reported him in other strange places. He was last seen wearing a strait jacket, boa constrictor, electric chair, and armed with a microphone. It is advised that all persons seeing him, approach him with caution.

Alice Cooper returned as promised by the spiders, and put on a very informative and impressive revue of a world only he before had known. Backed by an awesome band of four powerhouses - his music and magic was both infectious and spellbinding. It is inconcievable how a band of such theatrical content can sound so damn good at the same time they are messing our senses up by incorigable antics which at times transcend fantasy. Anyway, it was apparent that all good senses deserved and needed to be rearranged by the way this audience did not plead for mercy, but rather masochistically begged for more. More power to his highness; it seems that we all could use a little more day to day shock treatment.

Alice Cooper has the tendency on record to come across theatrically flawless -- even if you can't see them. Warner Bros, has done wonders for them, both recording wise and in concert. With the rise of "Eighteen" as this year's anthem to youth, Alice has every right to expect respect, not only because of their top 40 capabilities -- but because they have done this by beating their way out of an iron clad stereotype-structured paternally by Frank Zappa; anti-top 40. It has become obvious that anyone at all can reach the sometimes low calibers of this radio popularity contest, but it is quite another thing to come from a complete and totally opposite background and still be able to take top 40 and transcend it into good honest AM listening. Alice Cooper is just another rock band; but only a fool would. stop there,... a total fool.

Appearing with Alice Cooper was the special talent of Lee Michaels. Michaels accompanied his singing on piano and was backed by a new drummer. Sorry to say those were the only instruments used and it just wasn't enough. This is not to say that the songs he sang suffered from lack of other instruments, but he couldn't reach far enough out without them. I like Lee Michaels and have much respect for his work, but at this show there just wasn't enough of him to go around. We would like more of him next time.