Bravo - 18th October 1972

(October 18, 1972)

Originally Published: October 18, 1972

Who's afraid of Alice?

Who's gonna trembling from excitement?

Author: Frances Schoenberger

Do you get shivers down your spine when Alice hugs his favourite snake 'Yvonne'??? Do you tremble all over when showman Alice dangles at the gallows???? Who would be scared of that should join the Alice Cooper Show by no means. Anybody else can enjoy Scary-Alice at: Nov 15 at Circus Krone in Munich, Nov 22 at Gruga-Halle in Essen, Nov 23 at Musikhalle Hamburg, Nov 24 at Deutschlandhalle Berlin and Nov 25 at Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt. BRAVO-correspondent Frances Schoenberger already saw Alice's scary musical in Canada.

He looks as if he just stepped out of a coffin: white, haggard face, tousled hair, tight black trousers, cut-off shirt and different coloured boots.

I'm scared. Thank god the wraith doesn't drink beer - Alice does. The wraith also doesn't speak, Alice does: "Come on, have a drink" he asks me and hands a bottle of beer to me. "I'm a bit nervous. This is my last show in Northern America before I'm on my European leg of the tour. I hope everything turns out all right."

Alice seems to be a normal guy hidden under his make-up and: he's clever. The people take a fancy to his shock-rock-show at the moment. "People like to be scared – at a concert or in the ghost train at the carnival" Yes, Alice is following women's desire - and men's too.

Scary-Alice has been at the music business for seven years by now. He started his career with blues but nobody listened to him. Now everybody buys his records. Now he gets gold records, like 'Killer' and 'School's Out'. "I provoke the audience to react to me. Most people hate me. Couple of weeks ago somebody yelled at me that he's going to kill me." The policemen carried him out. "People use my show to let off steam and so do my band and I. We all live together in a huge mansion. So from time to time we need to beat each other but we do let off steam on stage as well. When we're back home we're bosom buddies again."

30,000 people waiting for hours in the stadium of Toronto for Alice to show up screaming: "We want Alice! We want Alice!" Alice's manager asks me to watch the show from a certain distance, because he's afraid of the enraged crowd.

The show begins: Alice takes his sword and combs a photographer's hair, which makes the photographer escape totally frightened. Alice hugs his snake Yvonne and the audience falls silent - the monster appears.

Next act: streetfight! The guys on stage come to blows. It looks really realistic. Neal, the tall drummer, jumps over his drum kit and stumbles. That was not part of the show. Alice yells at him and Neal beats him up. Alice is bleeding - the audience runs wild. Then Dennis, the guitar [bass] player jumps on Alice and smashes a bottle on Alice's head. But Alice prevented this attack - he wears a top hat.

The audience runs riot. They break down the fences in front of the stage. The media is trying to get away and the policemen have a lot of work to do.

The grande finale: Alice throws posters into the audience and acclaims: "You're all crazier than I am! And that's why I love you!"

Couple of minutes later Alice is back in his limousine on his way to the hotel. When he arrives Alice opens up a beer and watches TV. Yes, a legend also likes to watch TV...

Kindly translated June 2009 by Rado