Originally Published: February 16, 1974

Mad Alice

Author: Caroline Boucher

Despite our plea for free beer for Alice a few months back, Budweiser are still turning a deaf ear, and Alice is buying his own. When he rang last week, he was just packing up five crates to take down to Mexico with him.

Alice was also suffering from virulent food poisoning, contracted in Mexico on a recent golf sojourn. Undeterred, he was returning for more golf.

"My nose is bleeding, and I've got the runs, and I must be mad, but I'm going back there," came crackling down the Transatlantic phone. Alice has just been told about winning the Disc Poll, and rang to thank everybody.

His fixation with Mexico is that the golf and the sun are good, and he and his girlfriend are currently renting a house down there.

The band aren't doing too much right now. They recently toured America, and are now resting up.

"We did sixteen cities - a one-month tour - and it was fine. We were planning to do Europe, but we were advised against it because of all the power restrictions - we just need so much power we can't do anything until things are back to normal again.

Like most Americans, Alice has a pretty bleak picture of what Britain was like at the moment, and was amazed to hear that there was even a modicum of light and heat sill in existence. The petrol shortage is more acute on the East coast than the West there, but otherwise nothing is too changed.

One thing that is occupying Alice increasingly at the moment is acting. He recently played a con man in one episode of a television serial, and thoroughly enjoyed it. "I had to learn my lines and everything - I loved it!"

Through the theatrical aspect of his stage act, Alice has become more and more fascinated by acting, and is currently working with manager, Shep Gordon, on a film called "Hard Hearted Alice".

"We sit up until about four in the morning writing this thing - myself Shep and two comedy writers. But it's for real and it's actually going to happen, and we start filming in LA in about ten days.

"It's about the band, and a concert and then it's all sorts of little vignettes in between."

Alice has put all thoughts of recording the next album aside, until the movie is completed.

"When I'm off the road and resting, I don't even want to know how the current album is doing. I like to record, put it out and then ignore it, and go onto something else.

"Anyway, we can't do anything at the moment, because our producer has gone down to Peru to get a better look at Kahoutek."