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My God (5:42)

(Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner, Bob Ezrin)

If I should find myself in blackest night
And fear is stabbin' me all over
A tiny prayer cracks the dark with light
And I hear sounds behind my wall
Inside, a still small voice, it calls and calls
Then like a thunder bolt
it falls and falls
My God!

When life becomes more real than children's games
Or we've become too old to play them
We'll grow old gracefully, We'll hide our shame
But there's that voice behind the wall
And like my conscience it is still and small
Each word is mercy, protects us all My God!

I was a boy, when tempted, fell sometimes
And fell so low no one could see me
Save for the eyes of Him that sees my crime
When sheep like me, have drifted lost
All frightened children who are tempest tossed
Down flies His wrath like an albatross
My God!

Alice Cooper: Lead Vocals
Dick Wagner: Guitars, Vocals
Steve Hunter: Guitars
Babbitt: Bass
Jim Gordon: Drums
Jim Maelen: Percussion, Vocals
Bob Ezrin: Keyboards, Vocals
Jozef Chirowski: Keyboards
Ernie Watts: Tenor sax, Clarinet