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Halo of Flies (Rehearsal)

Give me an answer
It's only a question
Some of living have never been told
We could be singing
In love with each other
A matter or time is a matter of time

We could have children
And still love each other
You being swallowed
And not being smoothered
Feeling for freedom
And ... feed em
Put on your shoes
And lets see how you do

The more I want to show you
It still seems to go only your way
If I tried to show you
Would you believe the things I say

The words I listen to them
One hit right between the eyes
But I could not control them
Without this old halo of flies

I love the ocean
And you love the sea
We love each other
But no one can see

I work by daylight
And you, you work by night
... save life
But you, you just can't see
You just can't see

Song Information

This early version of Halo of Flies features some vastly different lyrics, which seem totally out of place when looked at in comparison to how the album would eventually turn out. Currently unreleased, but can be found on the Killer rehearsal bootlegs.