Vox - May 1995

(May 1995)

Originally Published: May 1995

Alice Cooper

Vincent Damon Furnier (for it is he) always set himself up as a bogeyman, but panned out as the cartoon figurehead of schlock rock. His initial shows featured simulated hangings, decapitations, electrocutions and all kinds of props that might well have been nicked from Hammer Studios. The star of the show was a boa constrictor that slithered between Alice's legs and made him seem like the proudest maleon the block.

Alice decided to dress up his School's Out album in a pair of ladies' paper knickers.America's Federal Trade Commission promptly vetoed the idea, claiming that the fabric didn't measure up to government fire-prevention regulations. Alice wasn't phased. He found out that some surgical caps were made of the same material and not subject to a ban, and suggested that the panties be allowed to decorate his vinyl if buyers were to sign an agreement to wear them only on their heads. The offending undies remained banned, but Alice got his fill of publicity. Which is all he ever really sought.