Originally Published: June 07, 2008

News Report

NOEL FIELDING is plotting a West End musical - with shock-rock lord ALICE COOPER in the lead role.

Cape-wearing comic Noel is planning to write a Rocky Horror-style show with the ultimate rock showman taking the main part.

And why not? The Boosh boys have cracked the TV series, had a stab at a festival and are taking on an arena tour. Noel said: "I absolutely love Alice Cooper, and I wonder if he has ever considered writing an acid rock gothic musical?

"If we did one, would he co-star?"

And The School's Out singer, who releases spooky new album Along Came A Spider this month, is fully behind the project.

He said: "I love those guys! I'm in England a lot, so I'm very aware of Little Britain and The Mighty Boosh. And I'd love to work with them."