Originally Published: September 29, 1973

Alice to release 'Muscle'

"Muscle Of Love" is the title of Alice Cooper's next album, being released world wide on November 15. The track titles emerging from a week in Los Angeles recording were "Big Apple Dream", "Teenage Lament", "Woman Machine", "Working Up A Sweat", "Never Been Sold Before", "Hard Hearted Alice", "Crazy Little Child" and the title track.

Pacific Eye And Ear, who designed the sleeve for the last two Cooper albums "School's Out" and "Billion Dollar Babies", are working on another special package. The new album will be released on a brown corrugated cardboard bow and the band is currently working on sleeve photos.

The band has sold 7 million Warner Bros. albums in the last four years.

What's going on with Alice Cooper you ask, well quite a bit. We've learnt that the Coopers are recording in L.A. for their "Muscle Of Love" LP, and a tour of selected States venues is planned, and Europe and England will see the Cooper kids soon. Besides all that there's a film shot at a couple of the "Billion Dollar Babies" gigs. One of the offstage segments shows Alice running down a Texas street chased by the Tooth, made famous by the Coopers... Another segment shows the Coopers in an armoured truck getting kidnapped by a group of cowboys on horseback. The cowboys dragged the Coopers out of the truck, and at gunpoint removed all their money and valuables. One cowboy shot and killed the truck guard before the Coopers eyes... Suddenly, a cowboy on a white horse wearing a mask came riding down on the robbers shooting them. The Coopers realized that it was "The Lone Ranger", and then they finally saw the hidden cameras filming them... The Coopers had been set up, as all the dead bodies got off the Texas soil . . . It should be a hell of a movie!