Scottsdale Tribune

Originally Published: April 01, 1998

Arizona Theme Has Strong Presence In Ceremonies

When it came to opening night, the Arizona Diamondbacks tried their best to maintain an Arizona theme. For starters they had 10 Arizona musicians sing the national anthem, including rock star Alice Cooper of Paradise Valley; Dave Mustaine, Phoenix resident and lead singer of Megadeth; Robin Wilson, Tempe resident and vocalist of the now-defunct Gin Blossoms; soul legend Sam Moore, Scottsdale resident and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; locals Margo Reed and Alice Tatum; Nils Lofgren, Scottsdale resident and guitarist for Bruce Springsteen; Rob Halford of Paradise Valley; Andy West, Phoenix resident and member of the Dixie Dregs; and Scottsdale resident Joni Sledge. According to the fans, they were a hit. "I like all the different artists being out there," said Peoria resident Paul McBride. "I've listened to most of them."