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Record & Popswop Mirror - February 15th, 1975

Record & Popswop Mirror
(February 15, 1975)

Originally Published: February 15, 1975

Welcome To My Nightmare Review

Author: M.T.

ALICE COOPER - Welcome to My Nightmare
(Anchor ANCL 2011)

No it's not Alice's opinion of his own work, the nightmare here belongs to a film for which this album is the soundtrack. The film is based on an extraordinary series of night fantasies that involve Cooper in a number of imaginative dream scenes. Certainly there's enough eerie sounds in the album to furnish the plot, haunting piano prefacing that sudden and well known explosion of sound which is one of Cooper's hallmarks.

The power in the music too, gives plenty of scope for Vincent Price, who also stars in the film, to do his worst as well as assisting Cooper to twist and fall down one of those endless film tunnels. If this album stands up as well with the film as it does on its own, then the film should be something to watch out for.

(Kindly submitted from the collection of Si Halley)