Record Collector

Originally Published: February 2000

Book Of The Month

Author: Martin O'Gorman

Illustrated Collector's Guide To Alice Cooper
Dale Sherman
Gazelle ISBN 1-896522-46-7

Alice Cooper, God Bless him. The unlikely recipient of a book dedicated to his record releases, you'd be surprised at the amount of product that the former Vince Furnier has released over the last 30 years, and Dale Sherman is the man to write it all down. Even if you're not an obsessive, this book is a treasure trove of Alice trivia because - putting the immensely detailed discographies aside you get details of TV and film appearances, comic books, and guest spots on other people's records by Vince and his band members. Did you know Alice appeared on The Gong Show in the 70s? Or that the US rocker Kane Roberts' 1987 promo cassette has no input from the man himself but carries the statement "See Kane on tour with Alice Cooper". Pretty thorough, huh? The book is also full of great illustrations, a particular favourite being the "Certificate Of Insanity" that was given away with the "From The Inside" album. Recommended for fans, but the uninitiated may be scared off.