Originally Published: 1991


"Susperia, which was directed by Dario Argento, 'cos to rne it was his best movie. Hellzapoppin, would have to be the second one, 'cos it's a good comedy. West Side Story as the third. Why? Because that film really inspired Alice Cooper early on. There's a lot of Alice in there. "

"The Marx Brothers, Salvador Dali, Elvis Presley would have to be in there, and the entire Monty Python cast. Jerry Lewis would make it too. Oh yeah, and Stiv Bator would've loved to have been invited."

"Yeah, people'd be getting hungry so you'd have to order in a huge triple cheese pizza with Giardelli chocolate topping. That stuff's great, rich San Francisco topping. You'd have to have it on there so that you could have youy dessert and main course in one!"