Originally Published: May 05, 1989

Alice Prepares to Trash The World

Author: Anders Tengner

Alice Cooper is presently putting the finishing touches to his 20th album through release through the Epic label during late May in the US.

This will be the first release from the maestro since switching from MCA (where he put out two records, 'Constrictor' and 'Raise Your Fist And Yell') to Epic.

"Being on a new label is unbelievable. MCA didn't have any idea about me" says Alice. "Epic is great, though."

The album is being produced by Desmond Child (most renowned for his songwriting work with the likes of Kiss, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith) and is expected to feature the following 10 tracks: 'Spark In The Dark', 'This Maniac's In Love With You', 'I'm Your Gun', 'House Of Fire', 'Poison', 'Why Trust You', 'Bed Of Nails', 'Trash', 'Only My Heart Talkin' ' and 'Hell Is Living Without You'. All of these numbers were co-penned by Child and Cooper, mostly in association with one or two others.

"This albums gonna be different." sayys Alice. "Desmond writes a lot of hit singles and I'm really injecting a great deal of myself into this as well."

Cooper chose to work with Child because he was impressed with the fact that the latter "Writes every hook in the world. I would get into my Corvette, turn on the radio and hear all these great songs by Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. When I found out how many Desmond had been responsible for I knew he was the man to get!"

Altogether the pair co-wrote some 15 songs, from which the final haul was chosen.

The LP (which might be released under the title 'Trash') features a number of musicians, including Jon Bon Jovi (on the cut 'Trash'; he actually penned a number for Alice titled 'The Ballad Of Alice Cooper' but this won't be on the final running order), Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora (on the track 'Hell Is Living Without You', which was co-penned by Jon, Sambora, Cooper and Child), Aerosmith members Steven Tyler (vocals), Tom Hamilton (bass) and Joe Perry (guitar), drummer Bobby Chouinard (most associated with Billy Squier), guitarist John McCurrie (Cindy Lauper and Billy Squire), keyboardsman Alan St. Jon (Billy Squire), guitarists Guy Mann-Dude (currently working on a solo LP for MCA with producer Jim Faraci) and Kane Roberts, bassist Hugh McDonald and Kip Winger who performs backing vocals.

"I compare this album to 'Billion Dollar Babies' - it's the closest I've ever been to recreating that style," explains Alice. "The music is right up front, right in your face. But I think this an album for the '90s, it's a little more intelligent..."

And inevitably there should be an Alice world tour to tie in with the record's release.

"I believe we start in July in Australia and then go everywhere."

"We also have a few new ideas for the stage show and I'll be doing some old songs that I haven't done in years. I'm going to wear a different style of make-up this year as well; it's time for me to change a little. Not drastically, just another variation of the classic look."