Orange County Business Journal

Originally Published: October 25, 1999

Alice Cooper's Restaurant Eyes Anaheim

Author: Susan Deemer

These days, shock rocker Alice Cooper is more likely to be singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" than his 1970s hit "No More Mr. Nice Guy."

The Arizona Diamond backs fan, who a year ago launched his first Cooper's town restaurant in his hometown of Phoenix, could be singing along with Anaheim Angels fans as his company expands its chain. Cooper and his partners are negotiating with the owners of Gotcha Glacier to build a $3 million sports-rock-BBQ restaurant in the extreme sports park planned for a site near Edison International Field in Anaheim.

The Phoenix-based company, whose ownership includes MegaDeaht singer David Mustain and Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson, is seeking other locations near baseball parks to build its rock-and-jock eateries featuring home-style dishes with names such as MegaDeath Meatloaf, Welcome to My Nightmare Chili, and No More Mr. Nice Guy Chipotle Chicken.

"We are in the site-selection process and are looking in and around the Pond or Edison Field," said Brian Weymouth, managing partner. "We do have a proposal from Gotcha Glacier and we are reviewing that."

OC is one of three new locations sought by the company.

"We are close to a deal for Cleveland, Ohio, and are in negotiations with the Detroit Tigers in the stadium in Detroit," Weymouth said.

Despite repeated delays in breaking ground on the Gotcha Glacier indoor extreme sports park, the San Juan Capistrano-based company that is behind the $100 million project says it is having no trouble finding tenants to fill some 30 retail spaces in the planned complex. The company's executives even turned down a request by Fox Sports to build an 8,000-square-foot studio box inside the sports park, because they plan to host sporting events and invite all media.

"It's really important that it's authentic," said Michael Gerard, Gotcha Glacier chief of operations and marketing. "We will host professional contests, summer camps for kids, snowboard camps ... and we hope to extend the stay of Disney tourists."

The proposed list of retail tenants has yet to be announced, but Gerard says it includes the first Gotcha and GirlStar retail stores, a health club, a record store, a photography concession that snaps participants' pictures as they play, arcades, a food court and restaurants.

"Our facility is so unique that we want unique retailers and food people that will service our guests without going out to the big brands you see all over the place." Gerard said.

Ogden Entertainment will provide management services such as ticket sales, housekeeping, marketing and group sales, said Ogden spokesman Tim Ryan.

Although there are skeptics who wonder whether the Gotcha Glacier ever will be built, others say the success of the Vans skate parks such as the one at the Block at Orange has created a precedent for such retail-extreme sports parks.

"we may be ready for packaged alternative lifestyles," said Jim Fitzpatrick, executive director of the International Association of Skateboard Companies in Goleta.

"Image is everything," he said.

"It's a statement to demonstrate they are genuinely involved in skateboarding," Fitzpatrick said. "For Gotcha and retailers in this simulated mountain ... it validates their brand and that makes it worthwhile for them."