New Musical Express

Originally Published: January 18, 1975

Remember Alice Cooper?

When Alice Cooper starts his U.S. tour on April 1, he'll have already filmed an NBC-TV special based on his forthcoming solo LP "Welcome To My Nightmare" - which will be used as the soundtrack. The plot of the programme with be loosely based on the album - all about a murderous psychotic named Steven.

Alice will perform in England late August or early September and while Wembley has been mentioned as a possible venue there may be other dates as well.

"Welcome To My Nightmare" has no definate release date yet, and also it's not known what label it'll be on - although rumours seem to indicate that Waners will still release Alice's product - perhaps on his own label, however.

Titles on "Welcome To My Nightmare" are as follows: "Welcome To My Nighmare", "Years Ago", "Some Folks", "Cold Ethyl", "Only Women Bleed", "Department Of Youth", "Devil's Food", "The Black Widow", "Steven", "The Awakening" and "The Escape".

Alice has writing credits for all the songs, some other people helped out on various cuts.

Musicians on the album are Jozef Khirowsky (keyboards), Tony Levin (bass), Prakesh John (bass), John Badanjek (drums), Whitey Glan (drums), Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter (guitars).