Originally Published: June 26, 1997

Oldest Swinger in town

What on earth has happened to Alice Cooper? Heavy metal's most outrageous star has ditched his days of hard living in favour of swinging a golf club. The veteran rocker, who shot to fame in 1972 with hit's such as School's Out and Elected, now prefers perfecting his putting to swinging spirits.

"In the States, golf is much more of a rock'n'roll sport," says Alice, desperately trying to explain his new-found respectability. "Every heavy metal band I know plays golf."

Although Alice's private life has taken a quieter turn, his stage show - which once featured mock decapitations and live snakes - is still as shocking as ever.

"I love to make people gasp," says Alice who is 50 next year. "But audiences are pretty much shockproof now. If we'd have done this show in the seventies, it would have been very controversial."

With a new live album of hits, A Fistful Of Alice, just released, the irrepressible star - real name Vincent Furnier - says that the upcoming dates will be a real treat for diehard fans.

"We are doing all the songs everybody wants to hear - but we are pulling out a few gems from the older albums too."