Originally Published: April 06, 1988

Sick Sick Sick

Call to protect youngsters after Alice's 'Horror Show'

An outraged MP last night called for the a ban on shock rock star Alice Cooper after his first British gig at which young fans fainted, threw up and were splattered with buckets of blood.

Outspoken Sheffield politician David Blunkett stormed: "I'm horrified by his behaviour - it goes beyond the bounds of entertainment".

He added: "Its an indication of the sick society we're moving into and something drastic should be done to protect young people from paying for this sort of obscenity".

Duting the show there is a hanging sequence, a baby is torn apart, a mother sliced down the middle, and a beautiful girl has her throat cut.

At the climax of the one-and-a-half hour performance young fans in the front rows are soaked by gallons of theatrical blood.

But 40 year old Alice is unrepentant "Its nightmare In Elm Street put to music!" he said "Its a rollercoaster ride - a fast cheap thrill".

White Hot Club photographer Joe Bangay, who saw the opening night says: "I saw kids faint. Alice has gone too far".