Melody Maker

Originally Published: January 11, 1975

Alice solo tour!

Concert dates are being finalised for a massive Alice Cooper tour, in which the master of macabre and gore goes solo for the first time. Alice's new album, to be released this spring, is called "Welcome To My Nightmare," and presents a surprisingly melodious and musical side of the king of shock rock. "Nightmare," which was recorded in Toronto with master producer Bob Ezrin at the controls, features a new back-up band for the Coop.

Included in the array of new sidemen are Steve Hunter, who played with Lou Reed on his "Berlin" LP and tour, and Dick Wagner, also an ex-Reed guitarist who helped pen some of the tunes for "Nightmare."

"Nightmare" is a concept album, the story of a psychotic young man named Steven who has fits of homocidal madness. The LP includes some monster rocking singles as well, especially an explosive cut called "Department Of Youth" which is earmarked to be as big as Alice's "School's Out." Suzi Quatro will open the tour.

Also in preperation from the Cooper group are solo albums from Mike Bruce, who signed a recording contract with Mercury Records in the U.S., and a soon to be released recording from drummer Neal Smith. Smith, sometimes known as "The World's Tallest Drummer," will release a solo LP called "The Platinum God."