Metal Hammer

Originally Published: November 1995


Author: Paul Henderson

With someone whose been making music - ranging from great, through indifferent to downright dreadful - for 25 years, it can't have been easy to put together this Best Of collection, more because of what to leave off it than what to put on it.

Sadly, the compilers appear to have taken an easy route; the hot singles of recent years ('Poison', 'Hey Stoopid', 'Love's A Loaded Gun') are here at the expense of lesser-known but far more classic Cooper tracks; and his most familiar songs - arguably the real classics, from the '70s; ( 'Under My Wheels', 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'School's Out' ....) - are represented by live versions that tend to suggest that in most cases the term 'classic' applies to the track (ie a particular recording of a song) rather than to the song itself.

As with the majority of 'Best Of's', this one does half the job, half well.