Metal Hammer

Originally Published: February 1992

Concert Review

Wembley, London

After riding the long Jubilee Line tube to Wembley Park and running the gauntlet of ticket touts and fans desperate to buy our tickets, we got to Wembley Arena in time for a good position, a couple of rows away from the stage.

The Almight ripped into their set fairly impressively, with Ricky's storming vocals blazing the trail, but it soon became clear that their style needs more work. They need more variety in their songs before they can show off their obvious talents to better effect.

They need to take their subversion and rebellion beyond just swearing a lot, and get some controversial storylines into their lyrics (although the words 'I don't need no fucking religion but love!' have a certain ring to them!) Perhaps they need a few lessons from...

Alice Cooper made his usual dramatic entrance, bursting out of a giant skull at the back of the stage. Alice, gimmicks aside, has a ferocious, highly adaptable vocal style and an uncanny way of bringing a song to life with his expressive voice and hands.

His set was a good balance of oldies, newer ones from the 'Trash' album and the latest (better than 'Trash') 'Hey Stoopid' tracks. He was in fine voice and had a cheeky way of singling out people in the audience to stare at (myself included) - in fact, a couple of over-excited girls had to be hauled away by security! His band were wonderfully slick throughout, and 'Feed My Frankenstein' became the glory of the two duelling guitarists, Stef Burns and Pete Freezin! The special effects blew us away, especially on 'Go To Hell', featuring Alice walking into a kinky, demonic video adventure!

A great star and a show to remember forever!