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Originally Published: August 1990

Trashes The World

Author: Jerry Ewing

Alice Cooper
'Trashes The World'
(CMV - 19V-49042)

Although there are already two Alice Cooper videos to my knowledge I haven't had the chance to see either of them, but I can tell you that as far as a good representation of the man live goes, 'Trashes The World' is more than competant.

Filmed at Birmingham NEC on the man's recent visit to these shores you get about an hour and a half of Cooper at his modern best. Maybe it's not as macabre as earlier shows from the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' era, but the whole thing is full of sleazy atmosphere.

Kicking off with 'Trash', 'Billion Dollar Babies' and 'I'm Eighteen', the first twenty minutes or so are standard rock performance before 'This Maniacs In Love With You' drifts into the eerie 'Steven' and suddenly it's 'Welcome To My Nightmare' and the theatrics take over big-time.

With the traditional Cooper show in full swing you get 'Ballad Of Dwight Fry' and the excellent 'Gutter Cats Vs The Jets' (from 'School's Out'), 'Only Women Bleed' and 'I Love The Dead' before Cooper comes right up to date with 'Poison' before 'School's Out' and 'Under My Wheels' bring things to a close in classy style.

At ninety minutes the whole thing might just be a little two long, but there's enough classic Cooper material on offer to keep even those who feel a little let down by his latter day approach happy. Whatever, as a representation of the man's last world tour you can't go far wrong with this one.