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Originally Published: September 1998

A Guide to Stops on the Internet: Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper Ephemera Archive (This very site)
This is a VERY cool site! TONS of info resides here housed in an easy-to-use design. Exceptional discographies from many countries, lots of magazine articles, bootleg listings and much, much more! Bookmark it now!

Alice Cooper Guitar Archives
The primary focus of this page is to collect all of the tabs available on Alice Cooper songs, and it does a very good job. This is a great resource.

Alice Cooper Song Of The Day
An interesting site that endeavors to provide a new Alice Cooper song every weekday in both MIDI and MPEG3 formats. Lyrics are also included. The design is excellent and this site is worth checking out regularly.

Alice Cooper Theme Of The Month
A very focused site that offers a new Alice Cooper computer theme every month. A haven for all Alice Cooper Windows 95 users.

Alice Cooper Trivia Files
An interesting collection of trivia about our favorite madman. All Cooper fans will get a kick out of this page.

Alice Cooper Web Ring
Have you created a page dedicated to Alice Cooper? Here is all the info on how to get your site included in the Alice Cooper Web Ring, which is a great guide to Alice on the Net.

Alice's Attic - The Official Alice Cooper Website
Cool site! Often official sites are just thrown together by record companies to pitch the latest release. The design is elegant and classy. It's a pleasure to use with lots of top-notch graphics. It could use a little more content, but it features some really neat electronic postcards featuring Alice. Bookmark it!

Cooper Collections
Mammoth graphics files make this page a real chore to load. If you have the patience to wait, your reward is info found on many other pages. You can safely skip this one.

Eekje's Alice Cooper
The sole focus of this simple page is the lyrics of many of Alice's songs. Nothing you can't find on most other pages.

From the Inside
Intriguing design houses lots of interesting info. It is a bit of a bandwidth pig, but it is quite attractive. I encourage you to check it out, but be patient.

Gareth's Alice Cooper Page
Not a lot here, but there is a big section on video clips. If you decide to check it out, don't spend a whole lot of time here.

Killer & Katherine's Sideshow!
Nice design but not much content. There are some interesting pictures and a few Real Audio files but not much else. Maybe worth a quick look.

My Alice Cooper Home Page
The design here is amateurish but the content certainly isn't! Lyrics, mailing list archives, chat transcripts and more. There is an especially funny section called "Are You A Coopaholic?". This one is worth checking out.

My Things
This site is new and still under construction, but there seems to be lots of potential so keep checking back. The webmaster needs to use a better font for easier reading.

Omega's Alice Cooper Web Page
An interesting page that has TONS of reviews on all manner of things related to Alice's work. Various album and concert reviews both from professional journalists as well as fans are here. The design could be improved, however.

Sick Things
This site calls itself the Alice Cooper Internet Onramp. It is fairly simple in design but there is some great info here. The two highlights are an ever evolving FAQ and info on joining the Alice Cooper mailing list. Check it out!

Simply His Servants
There is lots of info here, unfortunately it is clouded by a poor design. This could become a great site if it was re-designed with easy access and eye-catching graphics. Try again.

The Lansley Emporium
This is a very interesting page that takes an approach I do not think I have ever seen before. Its very unusual content makes it a delight to explore.

The Original Alice Cooper Trading Post
This is an Alice Cooper tape-trader's dream! The webmaster here has a HUGE list of tapes to trade. Hardcore fans, set your browers for this site immediately.

The Quiet Room
Very good design that houses some very interesting material. Contained here among the standards you would expect from an Alice Cooper page is the complete text of two books by the master. Both Me, Alice and Billion Dollar Baby are here as Word text documents that can be downloaded for the avid reader.

The Strange Case Of Alice Cooper
A decent, effective design house some interesting sections. Highlights here are a large picture archive and some interesting sections listing things like all of the opening acts Alice has ever had. This one is worth checking out.

The Unofficial Alice Cooper Page
Nice design for a page that houses all the standard Alice stuff. This could become a truly great page if it finds its niche. Keep it up!

Welcome To My Nightmare
Not much here. A few pictures and some links, but not really worth your time.