Las Vegas Sun

Originally Published: August 1997

Cooper Finds New Way To Shock Fans

Alice Cooper - that top dog of shock rock, the guy with the onstage guillotine and electric chair - is an active Christian now. No, he's not a "Christian rock artist," and he's quick to make that distinction, to separate himself from Petra or DC Talk or others who have made spiritual music with a rock beat. But the 49-year-old Detroit native will tell you, unabashedly, he is now a rock artist who's Christian."

The article goes on to talk about 'A Fistful of Alice' and 'The Last Temptation'. Here are some quotes by Alice - "I'm not up onstage preaching. I still do 'School's Out' and 'Eighteen'. I don't see why a Christain can't be a rock 'n' roller and have a really high-energy show."..."I don't think I'm doing anything ofensive to Christians. I don't find anything offensive about these songs. The theatrics that go on with our shows have always been RKO horror movies.."