Originally Published: October 31, 1985

Alice In Twisted Land

Pictured above at the Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles are Twisted Sister lead vocalist Dee Snider and none other than Alice Cooper. TS were recently in LA putting the final touches to their latest album, due for release through the Atlantic label within the next month. Producer Dieter Dierks has been at the helm, beginning his chore at the Hit Factory in New York before moving lock, stock and mix-down equipment over to the West Coast.

The album, titled 'Come Out And Play', will feature a 'pop-up' sleeve and is expected to retain much of the famed Twisted approach. However, one number will offer a surprising (groan!) twist to their solid tradition. Snider has penned what he terms "a fifties-style rock'n'roll song" set fair to capture the enthusiastic and raw spirit of the early days of Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry et al. And the band have recruited a number of guest artists for this number (called 'Be Cruel To Your School'). Among the celebrity crew stands the legendary Alice, who makes an apparently stunning vocal contribution to the cut.

You'll have to wait until the LP hit's the streets before discovering who else appears alongside Monsieur Cooper. In the meantime, check out the band's latest single, a re-working of the Shangri-Las 'Leader Of The Pack' (first covered by Twisted Sister on the collectable 'Ruff Cuts' EP).

As for Cooper, well, he's putting together a new band and intends to return to his Metallic/theatrical roots with a project very much in the vein of 'Welcome To My Nightmare'. Recording is likely to begin soon in New York, although as yet no producer has been chosen for the project. Following on from this, the mighty gorehound intends to put together a spectacular stage show based arond the type of effects used in such classic splatter-movies as 'The Evil Dead', 'Halloween' and 'Friday The 13th'. A true case of... let the blood run red/let the skulls explode/and let the fun begin...