Originally Published: November 30, 2002

Concert Review

Author: Brett Callwood

Thunder, The Quire Boys, Dogs D'Amour
14.11.02 Wembley

The Monsters of Rock super-tour kicks off In London FROM 1980 to the mid-'80s, the Monsters Of Rock festival celebrated all that was great about the musk we love. With bands as diverse as Motley Crue, Iron Malden and Metallica all contributing legendary performances. Now the Monsters of Rock brand has been resurrected to celebrate what was. Still, at least the line-up is impressive enough for those that still care. The pick of tonights supports are the Dogs D'Amour whose frontman Tyla is back to his gravely, heart-broken best. Thunder and The Quireboys are also on top form though. and both bands serve up what posses for greatest hits sets that keep the crowd happy.

Every draw needs a ringmaster, however, and Alice Cooper is more then capable of taking on that particular job. His recent recorded output may not have been up to much, but It's all too easy to forget just how great his back catalogue is. 'Under My Wheels', 'No More Mr Nice Guy' and 'Poison' an all bona-fide classics. And, of course. Alice fights the nurse that has been terrorising him onstage for two decades now, and has his head chopped off. Again. But then surprises are the last thing that this Wembley crowd wanted.