Originally Published: October 1999

News Report

Madison Scare Garden - New York, NY

For MSG's upcoming fourth season, Harris says he'll try even harder to give fright fans what they want, including two Universal-Licensed haunts based on the Mummy; a 3-D living comic book "ghosted" by the voice of spookhouse regular Alice Cooper, who will star in the attraction's short film Freekshow as mascot Pirate Jack. "For 1999, we want Scare Garden to be multisensory" Harris says of his park, which opens Oct 8th (call 212-465-MSG1 for details). "We'll continue to push the envelope."

Brutal Planet - Denver, CO

Brutal Planet has proven so prosperous for Elitch Gardens parent company, Premier Parks, that this fall they plan to expand into 16 more Six Flags theme parks from coast to coast. Busy rocker Alice Cooper, who is getting wealthier by the minute with all these Halloween endorsements, has also sold his name to the franchise. (For the scoop on Downtown Denver's Brutal Planet, call Elitch at 303-595-4386).