Columbia House

Originally Published: November 1991

The Master of Monster Rock is back with a killer album rooted in his finest tradition!

True Alice Cooper fans are rocking in the street with the release of "Hey Stoopid," a collection of new tunes that brings us back to the quintessential Alice of yesterday. It's been almost twenty years since Cooper first showed us what rock and roll theater is all about, and in that time he's carved out his own name and his own legacy.

He's done it all, and there's no doubt that now he wants to remind us his music will always be placed where fantasy and fun can collide in an explosion of metal-mania. In the process he's pulled out all the ghouls, the monsters and tales of terror that come with the turf. Feed My Frankenstein and Wind-Up Toy for instance, are just two tunes that blast from that classic Cooper mold and are probably destined to play major scenarios in his upcoming tours. The man is better than your favourite horror flick, and it sounds like he's back to stay!

Alice Cooper has inspired famously dedicated fans in North America and Europe, both from his music's hard edge, and his great stage theatrics. Added to this "Hey Stoopid" claims a brilliant lineup of guest musicians that include metal monsters like Slash, Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx, Steve Vai, Ozzy Osbourne and the legendary guitar work of Joe Satriani.

From the man who helped build the mold for all of today's rock, "Hey Stoopid" makes a lot of sense!