Originally Published: October 1993

Alice Cooper Puts Shock Back Into Rock:

What do boa constrictors, electric chairs, hypnotism, guillotines, severed heads and dead chickens have to do with rock & roll? Everything, if your band's called Alice Cooper.

As rock becomes an accepted part of the mainstream, L.A.-cum-Detroit hard rockers Alice Cooper reinject a healthy dose of shock and flash. They look like some Frankenstein-like merging of the Addams Family and the Rolling Stones and are led by Mr. (or Ms.) Alice Cooper, a gaunt, creepy looking fellow claiming to be an androgynous witch. With accompanying bizarre theatrics, these loons sing about weird sex, dead babies and psycho killers. Alice will father a host of twisted offspring-everyone from Kiss to Motley Crue to GWAR and most recently Green Jelly.