Originally Published: 1989

A Little Help From Alice's Friends

Crediting Alice Cooper for the success of Trash is a little like thanking Lee Lacocca for a good Chrysler. Both guys get lots of help. Just check out the thank-you's gracing Cooper's Desmond Child-helmed latest album. Save for Brad Whitford, every member of Aerosmith is represented, as are Kip Winger, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora.

"I was thinking who I would want to sing with me on 'Only My Heart Talkin'," Cooper recalls. "I think Steven Tyler has the best voice in rock & roll. During our heyday in the '70s, we were always too drunk to work together. I finally called Steven and he loved the song, so we went to Boston, sat in the studio for about eight hours and had fun. I sang as high as I possible could, and he was up there, even higher. That's one vocal I would not want to have to do again."

The blarney continues, re-orienting toward Bon Jovi: "I wanted Jon to sing on Trash because none of the stuff he ever sings is as nasty as that," Alice chuckles. "I wanted him to sing on something that he wasn't allowed to sing on his album." Bon Jovi lends his tenor to "Hell Is Living Without You," which he co-wrote with Alice, Child and Sambora.

Trash is currently Top 40, Chrysler Motors is Fortune 500.

When Alice Cooper (real name: Vincent Furnier) first turned up in record racks back in 1969, the public wasn't quite prepared for his painted face, his uncompromising music, and his outrageous stage shows. Now, the King of Shock Rock has a new release, Trash, selling by the crateload. Boasting a guest list that includes members of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and Winger, is it any wonder that his new platter has already moved a million units?