Originally Published: July 06, 1976

News Report

Alice Cooper: The King (or Queen?) of Menace brought new depths of raunch to the already sex-filled pits of rock and roll. The whipflipper was the first to put snarling sado-masochism to music. Alice passed the bump and grind musical test when he chopped up female torsos and the soft little bodies of children and babies. And his smooth boa constrictors wrapped around his legs have become the longest and most obvious phallic symbol ever erected in rock and roll. Yet when Alice's band hit the rock stage way back in '68 no one was quite sure which sex Ms. Cooper descended from, and the crowds went coo coo to the transvestite capers of Alice in Dragland. Meanwhile backstage, Alice's publicists were trying desperately to keep the Master of Evil's girlfriend Cindy away from the public. They felt that Alice should keep his sex undefined and an artificial as a painted up zombie-gone-berserk raping a manikin with a rubber hot dog. Alice was to present a parody of sex, the thrill without the threat, to all the little girl fans who might be frightened of real raging foaming-at-the-mouth manhood on the loose. Alice acts out the goriest and horniest sexual fantasies, at the same time of defusing the violence of the actual experience. Yet when the news got out that Alice was a real clean-living kid who believes in going steady, no one was disappointed.