Boston Globe

Originally Published: October 23, 1997

Spooky World's scare tactics

...Alice Cooper, this week's autograph-signing celebrity has completed his first shift and is relaxing in the farmhouse that serves as a backstage, feet up on the table, explaining the joy of horror. He should know. As a rocker, he's well into his third decade. He's been hanged, electrocuted, and decapitated on stage.

As an actor, he's played a zombie, a monster dog, many killers. Cooper got Vincent Price for his "WTMN" film. "He had the best attitude about horror," says Cooper. "He said, 'This is fun!'

"I think there's a very thin line between horror and comedy," Cooper continues. "To me, a good horror movie is a good comedy. It's like getting on a very good roller coaster: You know it's gonna scare you but you go anyway, cause you know it's gonna bring you back safely. In every horror movie the premise is: Somebody's in danger, and somebody's coming after them."