Originally Published: July 10, 1976

Goes To Hell Album Review

Goes To Hell

Producer(s): none listed
Warner Bros. BS 2896

Very similar in overall concept to Alice's highly successful 1975 "Welcome To My Nightmare" LP, even down to the sequencing of hard rock and ballad cuts. "Hell" is at least the equal of its predecessor, with an even more ambitious storyline--Alice dreams he has gone down an endless black staircase to a disco hell because of his "criminal acts and violence on the stage." The crisply produced music he makes during his confinement in hades ranges from tearful balladry to humorous, semi-autobiographical heavy metal and include parodies of the disco sound and old vaudeville riffs. The promised winter staged-tour of this album should be something to look forward to. Meanwhile, Alice keeps moving towards becoming the James Joyce of commercial rock surrealism. Best cuts: "I Never Cry," "Go To Hell," "You Gotta Dance," "Guilty," "Give The Kid A Break," "Going Home." Dealers: Lots of hellish possibilities for effective floor display.