Arizona Republic

Originally Published: September 04, 1974

Alice is Ozzie when off stage

The Wednesday Wash: What better way to begin the st-Labor Day entertainment scene than with some quotes from an unusual performing Phoenix native you'd never believe considers himself an Ozzie Nelson offstage? Well, if you care to accept as gospel the trilling (if not thrilling) words emanating from the mouth of raunchy rock'n'roll idol Alice Cooper in the September issue of the "road show" Playboy magazine called Penthouse, without greasepaint he hardly looks or acts the part of a Satanic rock luminary. Vincent Furnier, 26, whose dad is a Valley minister, describes in the interview his "seperation" from Alice Cooper:

"Alice has a personality all his own. He doesn't want to be involved with anything established, anything traditional. I play baseball and golf and listen to Burt Bacharach. And I watch TV and drink beer. But Alice doesn't do any of these things. Alice individual that I can't talk about him because he lives totally on spontaneity. Me, I'm Ozzie Nelson offstage. In fact, the most American person you will ever meet your life." That's Vincent (Alice Cooper) Furnier.... establishment.