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Originally Published: August 01, 2008

Alice Cooper claims he is addicted to his wife

The 60-year-old rocker - who has just released his latest album 'Along Came a Spider' - says he has loves spouse Sheryl Goddard so much that he has never been unfaithful to her.

Alice said: "Iíve been married for 32 years and never cheated on her because I'm addicted to her."

The musician, who gave up drink and drugs 26 years ago after a well-documented struggle, also revealed he admires Mary Whitehouse, despite her banning the music video for his hit 'Schoolís Out'.

Alice also revealed he sent Mary - who campaigned for morality and decency on TV Ė flowers to thank her for her controversial decision.

He added: "Banning us was the greatest thing that could ever have happened. We were sending her roses every day to say thank you. And she couldn't figure out why. Well, we sold out a major London venue because of that."