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New Gallery and more Articles

August 1, 2011, 3:11 pm

I've finally unveiled the Gallery to the site once more. I hope to continue adding more images once I've battled through the articles a bit more. Speaking of which... the following articles have had images added:

Guitar World - July 1999
Maxim - October 2005
Metal Edge - August 1994
Metal Edge - October 1994
Metal Edge - October 1997
Metal Edge - June 2001
Metal Edge - January 2006
North Valley - December 2006

The Lyrics have also undergone a bit of a face lift, although I'll be developing this a little more in the near future.

Now onto some REAL news...

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New Album Release Schedule Announced

August 1, 2011, 3:14 pm

Information is finally flooding out today about Welcome 2 My Nightmare's impending release. The release schedule appears to be as follows:

August 22
- Digital Download of "I'll Bite Your Face Off", with B-Side "Caffeine"

September 12th
- UK Single "I'll Bite Your Face Off" - 7" Picture Disc with live B-Side

September 13th - Global release
- Deluxe CD release, with Bonus Tracks: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, No More Mr. Nice Guy (Live at Download Festival), The Black Widow (Live at Download Festival)
- Standard CD release with Bonus Track: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
- 2-LP Blood Red Vinyl, with poster and Bonus Track: Flatline
- iTunes-exclusive with Bonus Tracks: A Bad Situation and track-by-track commentary

September 16th
- UK Fan Pack, with Bonus Tracks: Under The Bed, Poison (Live at Download Festival)

October 17th
- Standard UK release

The fan pack includes the album, a giant poster, a facepaint set, a metal badge, an Alice face mask and a 132-page magazine dedicated to all things Alice.

You can read more about the upcoming release in a couple of place:

Digital Journal (Offical Press Release)

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Dragontown on VINYL!

August 1, 2011, 5:30 pm

Night of the Vinyl Dead are set to release the FINAL Alice album on VINYL. After their previous cool releases of Brutal Planet, and Dirty Diamonds, Dragontown was the last album in Alice's catalog that had yet to be released on vinyl. NotVD's new release of Dragontown is again limited to JUST 500 hand numbered copies, and is pressed on Heavy Vinyl with an insert and 4 color pin-ups. You can order the album directly from Night via email or from HR Records and is likely to go FAST! Tell 'em we sent ya!

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More Alice Vinyl

August 11, 2011, 1:52 pm

What a year Alice fans are having!! Alice's catalog from the past decade is getting a re-release by Back On Black in the UK. The label specializes in bringing Metal albums back onto vinyl. All released will be on 180g colored vinyl. The following release schedule is as follows:

Brutal Planet - 17th October 2011 [RCV058LP]
Dragontown - 17th October 2011[RCV059LP]
Eyes of Alice Cooper - 14th November 2011 [RCV060LP]
Dirty Diamonds (Red Vinyl) - 14th Novmber 2011 [RCV061LP]

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Welcome 2 My Nightmare Review

August 12, 2011, 12:00 pm

The first review of Welcome 2 My Nightmare by Mitch Lafon has been posted on Brave Words. A 10/10 review, so it's safe to say Mitch likes the new album!

There were reports last week that Universal Studios theme park in Los Angeles are producing the "Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare" attraction for their Halloween Horror Nights running September 23rd to Ocbober 31st. The attraction is a spooky maze featuring snakes, spiders, guillotines and electric chairs, and is based around the original Welcome To My Nightmare and upcoming sequal. Music from the Welcome 2 My Nightmare album will be featured throughout the maze.

The continuing saga of adding images to articles is continuing, and the follow have been added:

Metal Edge - September 1996
Metal Edge - October 1996
Metal Edge - January 1999
Metal Edge - August 1999
Metal Edge - October 2000
Metal Edge - April 2001 [NEW!!]
Metal Edge - December 2002
Metal Edge - March 2003
Metal Edge - March 2004
Metal Edge - September 2008
Metal Edge - October 2008
Song Hits - October 1975 [NEW!!]

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I'll Bite Your Face Off

August 23, 2011, 11:22 am

I'll Bite Your Face Off was released as a Digital Single in the UK yesterday, and is available from iTunes today. The single is an edited version of the song. You can view the new video for I'll Bite Your Face Off on YouTube. The single will be released on 7" picture disc in the UK on September 12th.

Support this site and order the new single from using these links: I'll Bite Your Face Off | Caffeine

The Welcome 2 My Nightmare album is also available for pre-order from iTunes today, and features the following exclusive content: A Bad Situation bonus track, extended version of the I'll Bite Your Face Off music video, and a dialogue track "How They Came To Be".

The following articles have been updated with images on the site:

Melody Maker - 5th October 1974 [UK]
Metro - 26th November 2002 [UK]
Pit - Spring 2000 [USA]
Rue Morgue - August 2005 [Canada]
Steppin' Out - 25th October 2006 [USA]

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New Magazine Features

August 26, 2011, 1:05 pm

There are a number of magazines that are either out, or are coming out next month that have Alice cover features or lenghty features.

Rue Morgue September 2011 Fangoria September 2011 Rock and Folk September 2011

As reported earlier, Rue Morgue magazine will feature a lengthy feature on Welcome 2 My Nightmare, in it's September 2011 issue (#115), which has interviews with Alice and Bob Ezrin. Fangoria magazine has a feature on Alice in it's upcoming issue (#307). And, finally, Rock & Folk magazine in France has a 6 page feature on the Alice Cooper Group in it's current issue (September 2011).

I've updated the articles section of the site to included images in the following articles:

Metal Edge - 1987 [USA]
RAW - 8th July 1992 [UK]
Metal Hammer - 16th October 1989 [UK]
Club - November 1975 [USA] - NEW!!!

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Articles Images Added

August 30, 2011, 10:36 pm

I've added a bunch new article images, and one new article from NME covering Alice's trip to the UK for his Welcome To My Nightmare Tour in September of 1975.

Classic Rock - 2001 [UK]
Kerrang! - 1st January 1994 [UK]
Kerrang! - 26th March 1994 [UK]
Kerrang! 7th May 1994 [UK]
Kerrang! - 21st May 1994 [UK]
Kerrang! - September 1995 [UK]
Kerrang! - 21st October 1995 [UK]
Kerrang! - 17th June 2000 [UK]
Metal Hammer - May 1994 [UK]
Metal Hammer - June 1994 [UK]
NME - 6th September 1975 [UK] - NEW!!
NME - 19th July 1997 [UK]
RAW - 6th July 1994 [UK]
RAW - 11th May 1994 [UK]
Rolling Stone - 3rd May 1979 [USA]
Sounds - 10th July 1976 [UK]
Vancouver - February 1987 [Canada]
Vancouver Sun - 10th February 1987 [Canada]

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Alice On Jay Leno

August 31, 2011, 2:12 am

While Alice Cooper is on break from his current No More Mr Guy Nice Tour he will guest on NBC's "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on Friday, September 9th, 2011 to promote the upcoming release of Welcome 2 My Nightmare. Alice is slated to be the musical guest, although no word of what song he will be performing as of right now. The Tonight Show airs at 11:35 p.m. EST.

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