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Killed By Love (3:34)

(Alice Cooper, Chuck Garric, Jim Bacchi, Keri Kelli)

I've got more to lose
More to lose than you
Cause I'm the only one
In love between us two
I know that I've been struck
By lightning from above
Cause I've been killed by love

I've got a longer fall
A longer fall to take
Cause I'm a bigger fool
With a bigger heart to break
You pushed me way to far
A push became a shove
And I was killed by love

Drop me off in a crowded lonely city
Everybody there was cryin'
Drop me off in a town without pity
And let me be the one that's dyin'

Killed by love
Killed by love
Killed by love
Oh, bye bye love

Killed by love (killed by love)
Killed by love (killed by love)
Killed by love (killed by love)
Oh, bye bye love
Killed by love, oh yeah
Killed by love
I'm fading fast, baby
Killed by love
You know you're killin' me baby, baby, baby
Oh, bye bye love

Alice Cooper: Lead and backing vocals
Keri Kelli: Guitars
Danny Saber: Guitars, Piano, Keyboards
Eric Singer: Drums
Chuck Garric: Bass
Bernard Fowler: Backing vocals