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A Runaway Train (3:51)

(Dennis Dunaway / Alice Cooper / Bob Ezrin)

All aboard
Watch your step, people
Last call for the Nightmare Express

I found myself slipping away
Just this side of dead
I woke up in a boxcar
I wasn't in my bed

I found my leg chained to a spike
That ran down through the floor
Attached to 13 angry men
All rotten to the core

But I'm innocent, I cried right out
I'm in someone else's dream
They looked around and laughed out loud
Said "Brother so are we
Yeah, brother so are we"

But I'm a big celebrity
Known all 'round the land
"Well buddy you ain't no one here
Man, you ain't in demand"

Speedin' towards a flamin' wall
Like a screamin' sonic boom
I really gotta wake up now
Or I may meet my doom - oh Lord
I may meet my doom

So all that I remember's
How much my body hurt
Now I'm sleeping in the graveyard
On the wrong side of the dirt
Yeah, I'm on the wrong side of the dirt
Wrong side of the dirt, don't you know
I'm on the wrong side of the dirt

Drums - Neal Smith
Bass - Dennis Dunaway
Guitar - Michael Bruce
Main Guitars - Steve Hunter and Tommy Henriksen
Lead Guitar - Vince Gill
Sound Effects - Tommy Henriksen
Piano - Bob Ezrin
Background Vocals - Dis Vicious

Song Information


Country star Vince Gill guests on the track, playing guitar

Premiered on Nights With Alice Cooper on 19th August 2011.