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The Saga of Jesse Jane

I'm in jail in a Texas town
In my sister's wedding gown
I drive a truck all night long
Listening to Judy Garland songs

Now I'm locked behind bars of steel
I was just looking for a happy meal
I park my rig and I went inside
They've never seen such a pretty bride

Jesse Jane, are you insane?
Or are you just a normal guy
Who dresses like a butterfly
Jesse Jane

I paid my bill and I turned around
Facing every red neck in that one horse town
His face was red. His fist was clenched
He threw his coke and he got me drenched

Jesse Jane, are you insane?
Or are you just an average Joe
Looking for a fashion show
Jesse Jane

Well, I guess that was the final straw
I pulled a pistol from my Wonderbra
I killed him dead. I killed 'em all
And they finally caugh me in the bathroom stall

And now I'm doing ten to life
But I'll tell you one thing, Bubba
Someday I'm gonna make someone in here
A hell of a wife

Jesse Jane, are you insane?
Or are you just a average guy
Who dresses like a butterfly
Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane, are you insane?
Or are you just a Peter Pan
Looking for his Neverland
Jesse Jane

Song Information

"Well, that one's great, because, it was one of those songs that was borne out of working on a song, or two songs, all day. And then somebody coming up with a country western riff, and somebody just starting off singing 'I was born in a Texas town' like Johnny Cash. Pretty soon it ended up being Jesse Jane; the play on words again, Jesse James into Jesse Jane. All of a sudden it was what it was, and it became one of the classic Alice songs on the album. We just kept writing and going, 'No, no, more country; go more Johnny Cash on this. Steel guitar, let's put a steel guitar on it.' And I like having at least one novelty song. On Eyes, it was 'The Song That Didn't Rhyme', and the funny thing is, when I go to Europe, this is the first song they'll mention." (Brave Words & Broken Knuckles, August 2005)