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Originally Published: August 13, 1997

Alice Cooper's Live Album Rocks

Author: Ian Grant

Alice Cooper
A Fistful of Alice

This week I got to go a little way back in time to my youth.

When I saw that a lot of my Alice fav's were on this album--School's Out, Elected, Welcome to My Nightmare and Million Dollar Babies--I wondered why he was doing another greatest hits, but hang on here this is different.

First off this is a live disk with special guests. So what's new about that? Well I think that they made a difference to the feel of the show.

This disk is about Alice Cooper and he can still sound as good as he did nearly 25 years ago.

This is one of the best live recordings of a rock band in years.

I am not saying this because I was huge fan--just someone who liked the singles. This disk reminds me of how alive one could feel during a concert back then just by listening to the music.

It was recorded at Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina, Mexico and the music just oozes energy.

Hagar plays guitar on School's Out with Slash playing on Only Women Bleed, Elected and Lost In America. The last track is a new studio song called Is Anyone Home? which is pretty good too.

Cooper's reason for making this album is that his last live album, The Alice Cooper Show, was the worst album he did because of his alcoholic phase. Having recovered from the booze he decided to get this one right. He did.

If you like good rock and roll music from the'70s then this is an excellent one to crank. Forget all the other junk associated with his stage show and just enjoy the music.