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USA Today - 5th November 1999

USA Today
(November 05, 1999)

Originally Published: November 05, 1999

'X-Files' sparks musical visions

Alice Cooper

Connection to the conspiracy: The 51-year-old shock rocker recorded the duet Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn) with fellow horror-meister Rob Zombie for Songs in the Key of X. In 1997, the track was Grammy-nominated for best heavy metal performance.

Do you believe: "We would be pretty conceited to think we're the only intelligent life around," Cooper says. "If they were bad, they would have killed us by now. If there really were aliens on Earth, it was probably The Beatles, Groucho Marx and Salvador Dali. Those would be my suspects."

Welcome to his nightmare: Instead ghoulish sightings, this '70s rocker had a different buzz. "One Sunday morning, there were 200 bees outside my front door. I couldn't get out. They got inside, and I killed 20 of them, " he says. "I called the exterminator, and he killed about 5,000 of them that were inside the attic. That night, I turned on the X-files, and it's all about bees! I was sitting there going, 'Ahhh! I lived this'."