Originally Published: August 21, 2009

Alice Cooper Talks About His Finland Ban

Author: Paul Cashmere

Alice Cooper does not have an issue with being banned by a venue in Finland. In fact, he says he respects their decision.

“It was one city in Finland who where the venue happens to be a very conservative venue,” he tells Undercover News. “You know what, because I’m Christian myself I just turned the other cheek”.

While also is taking the shrug in a positive way he says, “I didn’t quite understand it. Here is what I would say on that. If I were doing Macbeth would it be okay? Everybody would say Macbeth is fine. Well Macbeth is about twice as bloody as anything I would do”.

As far as he is concerned, you can’t please everyone. “There is always someone who is going to be a radical or fanatic who has there believes and I respect that,” he says. “Find another venue. I don’t care. There is nothing in my show that can be banned or I would have been banned all over the world”.

Alice Cooper tour dates are:

Tonight, Newcastle, Entertainment Centre
August 22, Brisbane, Convention Centre
August 24, Sydney, Entertainment Centre
August 26, Canberra, Royal Theatre
August 27, Melbourne, Palais
August 28, Melbourne, Palais
August 29, Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre
September 1, Perth, Challenge Stadium

(Originally appeared on the Australian Undercover website, on the 21st August 2009.)