Originally Published: February 2000

Alice Comment

Cooper says that the whole Marilyn thing doesn't come as a surprise to him, nor will he be surprised if there's another 'Marilyn' 10 years from now. "It's all rehashed. They'll be another band trying to do Marilyn Manson in 10 years. It all goes back and relives history. I get lots of bands tell me they are real theatrical and I ask them 'what's the music like'. Before you put the icing on the cake, you gotta have the cake. The music has to come first. I always tell people we spend 90% of our time on the music and 10% on the theatrics. It was being a good band that really counted. Marilyn Manson can be around for a really long time if their music holds up." Alice has a new career. He owns Cooperstown, a restaurant in his home town Phoenix. "You know when you go into a restaurant and you pick out your own lobster. In my restaurant you pick out your own chicken. You've got memorabilia on the wall. I just show up and play every now and then. It's like the Jam Club in Arizona. Bands come down after their gig and play. We've had Amy Grant and Metallica on stage at the same time. Megadeth and Creedence Clearwater showed up at the same time and played together. Alice will have a new studio album later this year.