Unknown Australian

Originally Published: 1974

Alice act is not too sweet

New York, Saturday – Alice Cooper, (pictured), the rock star whose shows feature gory simulated murders and rape, is terrified of death at the hands of parents of his teeny-bopper fans.

The long-haired singer, who appears on stage in Dracula make-up with fangs and blood-streaked chin, is always accompanied by a personal bodyguard.

He also insists that every bottle of whisky or can of beer he drinks be brought to him with its top still sealed so that he can check whether it has been tampered with.

According to U.S. writer Bob Greene, who toured with Cooper and his group, The Billion-Dollar Babies, the rock star fears the parents of his fans may try to kill him for leading their children astray.

Mr. Leo Abse, a British MP, said he believed the act was an incitement to infanticide for the sub-teenage audiences. "He is peddling the culture of the concentration camp," he added.

(Taken from unknown Australian newspaper. Kindly submitted from the collection of Steve McLennan.)