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Originally Published: June 1994

Last Temptation Album Review

Alice Cooper
The Last Temptation (Epic)

Speaking of songs, this is the strongest collection of tunes by the worthy snake-charmer in quite a year, bringing to mind comparisons of his early '70s heyday. Credit goes to one his legion of new rock admirers, Soundgarden's Chris Cornell, for writing two of the stronger numbers, "Stolen Prayer" and "Unholy War." Opening track "Sideshow" is another winner and "Lost In America" will get the front row waving fists in agreement: "I can't get a girl/Cuz I ain't got a car/I can't get a car/Cuz I ain't got a job." Whether or not you get the albums's decay-of-society moral concept (or even care) is beside the point, because the better tracks stand up on their own.