Times Herald

Originally Published: March 06, 1997


Cabbage has replaced dead chickens as the thing to toss at Alice Cooper The 70's rocker is starring in and helped write a variety show at his childrean's Phoeniz, Ariz., school. It's a vaudevillian theme that has Cooper playing somebody named Snavely Whipburn, a bad man who is pelted with vegetables. "Dad you are in trouble! We have cabbage!" said his 15 year old daughter Calico as she and 11 year old son Dash prepared to let fly at a rehearsal.

The produce was hardly a threat to the man who toyed with snakes and chickens onstage. "I was born to play Snavely Whipburn," Cooper said of his wicked character, adding he's matured a bit over the years. "You grow up," he said. "But I'm probably still younger than my kids."