Originally Published: December 01, 2010

My dad had silver hair at 40 - I'd probably have the same if it wasn't for Lady Clairol

Author: Betty Brisk

EACH week our no-nonsense (and frankly eccentric) Mistress Of Modern Manners quizzes a nervous celebrity about ethics and standards.

Here, rock legend ALICE COOPER is grilled about his skin-cleansing routine, what makes him blush and stretchy trousers.

WE share a love of make-up, Alice, though I hope mine is a little more subtle. Clogged pores can be a nightmare. Are you scrupulous about removing it all at bedtime?

I never remove it. If you looked good the night before, why not wake up looking good?

NO one will ever see Betty Brisk's real hair colour. I plan to dye until I die. How about you? Ever tempted to go grey and get a short back and sides?

My father had a full mane of silver hair when he was 40 - it was magnificent. I would probably have the same hair if it wasn't for Lady Clairol. Jimmy Page has the only honest hair in rock and roll.

IT must be strange seeing people dress up like you at Halloween. Do you think you could win an Alice Cooper lookalike contest?

A top ten finish would be nice.

YOU'VE reached an age where many would be reaching for clothes that have a little more "give". Don't you ever yearn to ditch the denim for something comfy in stretch polyester?

Not in the least, my body is still 25 years old. I can still fit into clothes from college.

WHAT else is part of your daily beauty regime? Facials? Manicures? Head massage? Would Alice ever consider plastic surgery?

I absolutely hate being pampered. Massages and spas would be hell, and I'd never have plastic surgery.

ARE you handy around the house with the Hoover?

Not with the Hoover but I am with the toolbox. I've built many a shelf.

I MUST say the thought of you in an apron is strangely appealing. If Mr Brisk and I invited you round for dinner, would you offer to do the washing up?


DO you book restaurants in the name of Alice Cooper? Or do they think you must be pulling their leg?

Of course I do - I always get a good seat. When they get the booking they don't believe it but then I show up with ten people.

I'D love to think there was a guillotine in the corner of your living room.

If you like to think that... then there is. Actually, I live in a 10,000sq ft Spanish hacienda on Camel Back Mountain in Phoenix overlooking the city, with its own movie theatre complete with popcorn machine and Diet Coke on tap.

MOST kids are embarrassed by their parents at some point - what made yours cringe most about you?

My daughter wrote in her high school year book that she tried to rebel until she realised her parents were cooler than all of her friends.

I REALISE it's hard to tell, behind the mask of Alice, but is there anything that ever makes you blush?

I did when I gave the female lead singer in my band, Tiffany, something called a Rammstein Box set as a present. I had no idea of its contents, which turned out to be an assortment of anatomically correct but exaggerated representations of the band.

YOU love antiques. If you spotted something in a shop that the owner didn't realise was valuable, would you let on or walk out with a bargain?

Certainly I'd tell him. Right after I bought it from him.

I'M rather careful (some may say tight) with the Brisk purse strings, whereas you once splashed out 27,000 dollars for the O in the Hollywood sign. Would you say you're a bit reckless with money?

I'm reckless with excess money. After the first cheque I received for 100,000 dollars I bought three Rolls-Royces. But the bulk of the fortune's secure and safe.

- Alice Cooper's live DVD Theatre of Death is out now on Universal.

(Originally published online at The Sun on December 1st, 2010)