Originally Published: September 19, 1969

Endless Cosmic Smiles

It is the essense of Cooper to atomize themselves on stage to reach into your mind and let it live and to reach into your body.

They are friends I always knew, and yet they surprised me every flash with something different.

They are high energy explosions, driving home generaled attacks on your senses and physical being, leaving side effects, of a cleansing exhaustive nature.

They are a great endless smile. They are.

That Pretty much sums up the feeling Alice Cooper left on a considerable audience Tuesday evening. Their show was as energy-packed as had been promised. It's similarity to a classic scene in Hell cannot be ignored.

They tempted your mind with heaven-high vibrations, and left you hanging breathless on a sheer cutoff. The maiming of an inflated Donald Duck, the cool gas jet of CO 2, the grim reaper stare of bassist Denis (sic) Dunaway all seem to add up to the Devil's work.

But then again, the floating down of a pillow, plus the hard rock buildups made the scene reminiscent of a mountain climber on top of his highest mountain after a deadly climb.

Alice Cooper was more than that. Their show is both a group experience and a personal one. For the crowd, it was a great experience, a purging of inhibitions and a truly fine upper.

For this writer it was this and more. The show was final proof for the truth and philosophy of the group, They never fell short of their expectations.

Energy experience

They've changed from their last concert. They are more confident and experiment more with the electronics and the people. Their frenzy to experience everyone and reflect their energies has increased. The show was reflective both of the group and of the fantastic audience they treated. You were all great and should feel as much a part of the total good as any other part.

Alice, Neil (sic), Denis (sic), Mike, Greg and Charlie with the added attraction, Merlin the Magician, put on a fine show. To quote my own definition of Alice Cooper appeared ealier this week would be redundant.

Let it be enough to say they are; a life form expressive of all the arts and sciences of the age, a hard, high energy rock group; and above all, honest in their minds and actions. They are involved not only with their own beings but with everything in and out of the worldy or cosmic forces that made them.

Alice are

This review has noted both the visual and spiritual aspects of Alice Cooper. They are and always will be a force. Alice Cooper is living kinetic energy, a force you cannot long ignore.

I'm going to end this now because all of you who were there know what I'm talking about. Some of you who weren't there will never experience it.

You may well lose a valuable irreplaceable lesson. Let me say as a final praise; when Alice Cooper rings out, I feel a smile stretch across my spirit and goodness life is felt in every thought of that concert.

Heaven-high and good night.