Originally Published: May 17, 1975

Superstar 'Sci-fi' Album

This Week Chrysalis release 'Flash Fearless Vs The Zorg Women Parts 5 and 6' an album featuring Alice Cooper, Elkie Brooks, Jim Dandy, James Dewar, John Entwistle and Maddy Prior among many others.

The album, which was recorded in London, New York and LA and Memphis was produced by Jack Alcock and John Entwistle. The Ox appears as anchor man on every track.

The idea behind the album was to afford an opportunity to musicians who could not normally play together to do so. Instead of a loose jam the album is based upon a story line concerning the adventures of Flash Fearless, a legendary spoof Sci-Fi character forever escaping imminent and horrible doom at the hands of his adversaries, the Amazonian Zorg Women, who rule the planet Zorg where men are an inferior slave class.

Weston Gavin, in conjunction with the writers Steve Hammond, Dave Pierce and Rick Jones are currently casting a stage show based upon the Flash Fearless stories to go into production in the very near future.

Other musicians taking part include: Carmine Appice, Nicky Hopkins, Bill Bruford, Eddie Jobson, Justin Hayward, Graham Deakin, Thunderthighs, and many more.

The album comes complete with a 12 page colour comic. A specially produced radio version, one hour long is being broadcast on local radio stations: Piccadily, Manchester, Metro Newcastle, BRMRB Birmingham, Hallam Sheffield, Clyde and Forth Glasgow, and City Liverpool.