Originally Published: April 12, 1975

News Report

Alice Cooper stars in his first television spectacular 'Welcome To My Nightmare', in America this week. The presentation, which is said to be 'a visual interpretation of Alice's dreams, nightmares and fantasies', features Vincent Price as guest star, will be an edition of the 'Wild World: In Concert' series and will include music from Alice recent 'Nightmare' album.

As yet, there are no definate plans for the show to be screened in Britain.

Alice Cooper has reputedly made 45 million dollars since he changed his name from Furnier to Cooper.

Sounds Guide To Rock Books

One tour story which does deliver the goods in Bob Greene's Billion Dollar Baby (Athaneum). Greene became part of Alice Cooper's stage act for his 1973 Holiday Tour and even Greene's sympathetic view cannot disguise the cynicism with which Cooper has been promoted, packaged and sold.